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Aqualyte – Scientifically Developed Electrolyte Solution

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What is Aqualyte?

Aqualyte is the brain child of Dr Graham Bates following years of studies relating to effects of heat stress on deep level mine workers in Australia.

Aqualyte has been designed by a team of scientists to be a electrolyte solution. The ratio of active particles to fluid makes it easy for the body to use. And it's the best way to prevent dehydration.

Aqualyte designed for easy absorption of electrolytes by your bodies cells. This means you can prevent the horrible effects of dehydration on health and performance. Electrolyte replacement helps to re hydrate the body and bring it back to its optimum performance.

Aqualyte is a HYPOTONIC fluid with very low sugar levels and carbohydrates. Hypotonic solutions have a low level of dissolved particles per ml. As a result, the human body can absorb them better than Isotonic drinks - or even plain water. The Aqualyte composition prevents you from having the sweet and sticky after taste that most sports drinks leave you with.

When you need to perform, you need to be hydrated. With Aqualyte, your body will get all the electrolytes it needs to perform at its best.For more Scientific information please click  -  Science or if you have some basic questions, you can find them here FAQ.

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Low Sugar

Because Aqualyte contains very little sugar, it has few calories. This lets you use it safely - for as long as you need to. It's simply the safest health drink to keep you hydrated and performing at your best.

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Rapid Absorption

We've all felt the bloating that comes from drinking too much fluid too quickly. it can be very distracting at work - and even worse during a competition. Hypotonic solutions like Aqualyte can be absorbed faster than isotonic drinks - or plain water. This means that you don't get that uncomfortable, full feeling when you drink our healthy energy drink.


Scientific Rehydration

Aqualyte has been created to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat. It helps keep you hydrated. This, in turn, improves your neuromuscular performance.


Australian Made

Aqualyte is made in Australia. The company has been supplying Australian industry and athletes for over 12 years.


Cost Effective

Aqualyte is a cost effective, convenient alternative to bottled drinks. Carry a few sachets in your bag. Then just add water when you need it.